Top ten things to remember in Goa:

  1.   Ignore the Taxis and rent a bike, if you can ride one. The taxis are way too expensive.
  2.  Always rent a bike, it helps your feet a LOT in a place like this. Petrol is found mostly in bottles at 10 Rs higher than the actual rate. Petrol Bunks are far too few here.
  3.  Carry an identity like a voter’s ID, driver’s license etc. Refrain from giving the rent-a-bike guy your PAN card or Passport. Go for Voter’s ID instead.
  4.    Pay no heed to the street vendors who come near you, bugging you to buy trinkets from them. Tell them off sternly, as they don’t know when to stop.
  5.  Refrain from having street food as they may upset your stomach.
  6.  Keep a good budget for buying mineral water as most hotels don’t provide it during a meal and you will drink more than normal coz of the heat, at least 3 liters a day.
  7.  Have good footwear as walking for longer periods will strain your muscles. Buy the best Sun-block/cream you can afford as you will need it here whether you are on the beach or not.
  8.   Haggle for those buys, they are usually selling it more than ½ of what it’s worth. I bought a bracelet for just 15 rs when it was being sold at 45 rs.
  9. Wear decent clothing. Know where the beach ends and the road begins. Have respect for the place you are in. Don’t be in your negligee’s parading all over the city. You would never want to attract more attention than you can handle.
  10.  Be very careful of pick-pockets. Don’t stuff money in just your purse, but try keeping them in other parts of your clothing as well to be on the safer side.

But most of all, Chill out! Forget your Laptop, your PDA and your Business diary. Just enjoy the thrills and the serenity of Goa. 

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